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Enterprise Portal Management System

Enterprise Portal Management System

VOX EPMS software is a comprehensive Enterprise Portal Management System, capable of enhancing and empowering your abilities to make your web-site or portal a more dynamic, interactive and effective marketing asset. With EPMS, time consuming activities could easily be eliminated. Just about anyone without prior knowledge of HTML can just update the content or make changes to a corporate website just by following some easy steps. FastPublisher layout structure ensures that corporate web looks nice and neat and with the touch of professionalism. So with FastPublisher, updating of website contents and layout could be done as frequently as possible thus portrays the website up-to-date and interesting to frequent users.

With EPMS, workflow processes can be improved much and employee productivity can be maximized. It helps eliminate many unnecessary processes in the conventional way of website maintenance plus it also makes the working process paperless. FastPublisher supports dynamic contents that allow more interactions between content providers and the public.



Software Architecture

EPMS is created basing around MVC Framework, Document Object Model (DOM), CSS, HTML5, AJAX, JSON, REST, Database Abstraction Layer, Form, Theme and Layout.

It supports Multi-Language, 
Search Engine Optimization (SEO), RSS, Photo and Video Gallery. Drag-n-Drop content editing. Responsive Design with animation and modern trend.

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